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Choose Wisely

Counted Among Saints is the culmination of years of perseverance combo’d with an unyielding belief in bringing substance to their music. Formed in 2009 in Edmonton, AB, the members have grown and evolved their sound into the unique blend of post-hardcore that you hear today. Their debut LP, “Choose Wisely” released March 21, 2021, offers a chilling perspective into the mind of the mentally ill. You can hear the passion of each and every song carried out through the lyrics, giving a voice to those that too often suffer in silence. Truly conveying the emotion and struggle that so very many of us can relate to. Counted Among Saints is what you get when the right people get together behind an idea, to create something real, raw and from the heart, and never give up on it. For fans of heavy-hitters such as Counterparts, Defeater, Hundredth and The Chariot. In a world of music so flimsy, unsubstantial, and meaningless Counted Among Saints reminds you what it is like to feel, to relate, to connect, to understand another from across the world. With an absolutely epic stage presence to back up their hard hitting music, you can truly understand the fire that fuels them. When that much energy is given to the crowd, the crowd returns it tenfold, creating an environment of community and freedom to connect with each other and in turn be accepted in that space.


Caden Thomas - Guitar

John Olinyk - Bass

Kole Green - Vocals

Brett Hanson - Drums

 © 2021 Counted Among Saints

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